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Social care needs a strong whistleblowing culture

6th September 2018

18th April 2018 Social care in England is undervalued, underfunded and on the brink of collapse. Being old and in care can, for some people, feel precarious. The statistics showing the state of care homes across the UK are sobering. The Care Quality Commission regulator says almost one in four care homes are inadequate or […]


What place does whistleblowing have in preventing clinical negligence?

5th September 2018

Earlier this year, the preventable deaths of more than 450 patients at Gosport Memorial Hospital sparked anger and public debate that echoed the infamous Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust scandal in 2008. These scandals can have damaging effects: on patients, their families, public confidence, the Trust’s reputation and the career and well-being of implicated healthcare professionals. […]


Stronger new laws for EU leave UK whistleblowers behind

11th July 2018

UK whistleblowers will be ‘Brexit casualties’ as the EU gets set to shake up whistleblowing bringing in ground-breaking legal measures protecting both public and private sectors. The EU move on introducing a whistleblowing Directive – set to be made into whistleblowing legislation and policy – follows years of campaigning by NGOs, trade unions and journalists […]


RT @WB_UK: We urge everyone to join WBUK and @WhistleUK in supporting a #NewLaw4Whistleblowers https://t.co/CmJVroBJ9P

04:51 PM Feb 21st

RT @WB_UK: Join @WhistleUK and WhistleblowersUK in calling for better protection for those who #SpeakUp sign the petition and make the worl…

04:51 PM Feb 21st

Worrying story about the use of NDA's to shield alleged poor conduct of a chief executive at Alzheimer's Society… https://t.co/sNQebRmgiW

04:50 PM Feb 21st

Support for #newlaw4whistleblowers is growing! @TransparencyUK calls out UK on commitment to review the law:… https://t.co/uinUX0n9P5

04:41 PM Feb 21st

Over 500 people have stood up to demand a #NewLaw4Whistleblowers! Will you add your name today?… https://t.co/Uu5KogP5vA

01:25 PM Feb 21st